1666 – 16mm Cinema Festival

Every year, we seek to celebrate the 16mm format. This celebration starts from a motivation that unites us beyond a specific format, but in addition, for a search that is understood among motives, pulses and criteria for filming.

A choice of format is the exercise of a right of expression that we must climb, regardless of this (16mm) and any other format. In order to create an industry, if it is necessary to create a language and if all industries generate languages ​​for us, transiting through formats is the minimum to establish ourselves as chronicles of a present time and memories, within a polyphony of audiovisual languages.

Festival 1666 is a respite from looking at a gauge, but it is also provocative, attentive to its borders and its intersections with other formats-languages. If here, the 16mm is the main support for capturing images, our intention is to discuss and deepen the particularities and potential present in each work.

Who films in Brazil and in the world? Is filming more expensive than shooting digital? Is the photochemical workflow viable? To what extent does lack of access impact photochemical filmmakers?

While these issues remain present year after year, in our actions we seek to reduce some gaps in our recent cinematography so that the act of filming is much less elitist and much more political!

 The 1666 – 16mm International Film Festival reaches its 3rd Edition in 2021, co-realized with the Cinemateca do MAM-Rio, supported by the São Paulo Cultural Center and in partnership with the Super OFF Festival and Lab.irinto.Lab.